Jan Haizmann

Managing Director Correggio Consulting - Chairman the EFET Legal Committee, Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Haizmann is a trained German lawyer graduating in Germany (1990), UK (1991) and Belgium (1994). After admission to the Bar, Dr. Haizmann spent five years with a law firm, specializing on European competition law and industry regulation. In 1999, Dr. Haizmann was appointed regulatory affairs director for a large wholesale energy trader focusing on industry regulation applicable to the power and gas sector. From 2002 until 2005 Dr. Haizmann gained commercial experience as gas origination manger at the front desk of a large commodity and derivative trading house in London. Since 2005, Dr. Haizmann has been an independent consultant to the energy trading industry, based in Brussels. He is Managing Director of Correggio Consulting, a company with activities in dispute settlement, regulatory & legal support for the energy industry. In parallel, DR Haizmann is holding various executive functions at the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET). He heads up EFET's EU Liaison Office in Brussels, sits on the Board of EFET and EFETnet, as well as EFET Deutschland, and chairs the EFET legal committee which develops standard trading documentation for traded products or new trading locations. The Committee deals with regulatory compliance, KYC-policies, and regulatory aspects of commodity trading in general. EFET documentation has become the standard contractual basis for physically settled electricity and gas transactions in Europe.