Mehmet Ertürk

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) Vice President

Mehmet Erturk is working at Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey (EMRA) as the Vice President. He is responsible for the departments of electricity, natural gas and tariffs in addition to the department of human resources. He has been working in EMRA since 2003 first as a junior energy expert. He got Energy Expert title in 2006 with a thesis on transmission tariffs. He worked in Natural Gas Tariffs Group until 2012 initially as an energy expert then as the group head. He was promoted to the Head of Tariff Department in February, 2012. He is serving as Vice President since April 2015. He got two master degrees one from Economics at METU in 2009 with a thesis title of "Efficiency Analysis Of Turkish Natural Gas Distribution Companies By Using Dea Method" and one from Energy Program at UT, Austin in 2011 with a thesis title of "Economic Analysis of Wind and Solar Energy Sources of Turkey". He also has published some academic articles and presented some academic papers which are; - "The Evaluation Of Feed-in Tariff Regulation Of Turkey For Onshore Wind Energy Based On The Economic Analysis," Energy Policy, Elsevier, vol. 45(C), pages 359-367; - "Economic analysis of unconventional liquid fuel sources," Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier, vol. 15(6), p. 2766-2771; - "Efficiency Analysis Of Turkish Natural Gas Distribution Companies By Using Data Envelopment Analysis Method," Energy Policy, Elsevier, vol. 39(3), pages 1426-1438; - "Market Analysis for Unconventional Liquid Fuels," XIX. International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels, Verona, Italy; - "The Feasibility of Industrial Scale PV Power Plants in Turkey," 4th CEVI conference, Northern Illinois University (NIU), Chicago, USA.