Orit Farkash-Hacohen

Israel Public Utility Authority Chairman

Attorney Farkash-HaCohen, holds a master's degree (MPA) in public administration from Harvard University in the U.S as well as a law degree (LLB) from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Ms Farkash was appointed as Chairperson of the Israeli electricity regulatory Authority in 2011. Prior to that, between 2003 and 2011, she served as the general legal counsel of the Authority and part of the senior management personnel of the Authority. Before joining the Electricity Authority, Att. Farkash-HaCohen served as an antitrust litigator at the Israeli Antitrust Authority, where she worked for five years. During her legal internship she clerked for a Supreme Court justice the Honorable Justice Dalia Dorner, following which she worked at the Shimron-Molho-Persky law firm as an attorney specializing in civil-commercial law and litigation. In her position Ms Farkash is leading the agency through a time of change and great challenges: including the restructuring of the energy market; The introduction of competition; Introduction of renewable energy; Significant natural gas findings and the creation of a natural gas market in Israel.